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What We Do?

Celebrates all Hindu and Tamil festivals, holidays, and special occasions. We follow the Saivite traditions of pujas, agamas and worship at our temple.

Board of Committee & Executive Committee

Murugan Temple Board of Committee & Executive Committee Information

  • Board of Committee:

  • Mr Selvanesan (Chairman)
  • Mr Dhanabalan (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr Arulsikamani (secretary)
  • Mr Srimohan (secretary)
  • Mr Siva Manoharan (Vice Secretary)
  • Mrs Imaiyaal (Treasurer)
  • Mrs Sujitha (Vice Treasurer)

  • Executive committee:

  • Mr Nisanthan
  • Mr Jeeva
  • Mr Dharmarajan
  • Mr Kanthakumar
  • Mrs Mayilvahini


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Vel Murugan Hindu Temple
The Owls Bowls Club, Horseshoes Lane
Watford, WD25 7HH

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